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The Law Office of Katherine Schwinghammer has been representing clients on the central coast since 2009 handling Criminal and DUI cases. Katherine Schwinghammer aggressively represents her clients and helps guide them through the complexities of today’s legal environment carefully and compassionately.

Being charged with a criminal offense in the state of California carries serious ramifications and in addition to possible incarceration and fines you may face restrictions on your right to travel out of jurisdiction, own firearms, gain citizenship, obtain employment, receive loans, or even vote. The consequences of not retaining a qualified attorney can be disastrous for you and your loved ones. Don’t take chances, speak with a caring and qualified professional like Katherine Schwinghammer immediately.

Charged with DUI?

When you are arrested for Driving Under the Influence in California you have ten days to contact the DMV to schedule a DMV APS hearing to protect your driving privilege. You will waive your right to the hearing if you don’t respond in this timeframe and the automatic suspension of your license will occur 30 days from the date of your DUI arrest. Don’t leave your driving future in jeopardy, contact a qualified attorney and begin the process with the DMV immediately to protect your driving future.

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