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“At trial, the CHP officer testified that he visually estimated my speed at 85 miles per hour, activated his radar, got a reading of 87 mph, and locked it in at 85. Katherine presented an alternate explanation for what the officer saw, and she was able to instill in the Court some Reasonable Doubt that my speed had exceeded 65 mph. I was immediately found Not Guilty. The Judge told Katherine she did a great job, and he complimented me on hiring an excellent attorney. Then the bailiff complimented her too and asked for her card.”

– E.M.,

charged with violating V.C. 22349(a), exceeding 65 mph on a highway, found Not Guilty at trial.

“Katherine helped me through an extremely difficult situation. She worked hard on my case and kept me informed through the entire process. She even worked out a payment plan for me as I was unable to come up with her entire fee up front. I can’t thank her enough for what she was able to do for me!”

– J.W.,

charged with Misdemeanor “DUI/Driving at 0.08% or above”, case dismissed, DMV license suspension set aside.

“Thanks for all your help — I want you to know your kindness made all the difference. You are so super! Thanks for helping me in my legal problem. I believe you have found your calling.”

– R.W.

“Thank you for everything, for all your help.”

– A.B.,

charged with Misdemeanor “DUI with prior” and Violation of “Reckless Driving with Alcohol involved” Probation, case settled day of trial for “Public Intoxication.”

“It was a big relief to hear the Judge’s decision at my last court date. I really appreciate very much your hard work and the big help that I got from you…. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!”

– L.B.

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